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Unrivalled. Award winning.
More features. More fun.

With Bet Tracker you can...

  • View win/loss probabilities, in-play
  • View live game stats and scores of any sport
  • Place straight bets or parlays
  • More bet type options than any other app
  • View game schedules for all major sports

Sport Bet Tracking

Bet Tracker, the #1 mobile sports bet tracking mobile application. Winner of EGaming Review 2011 Best Sports App. Bet Tracker is a native mobile app for Android, Apple and BlackBerry. Works on all smartphones and tablet PCs, including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. A truly unrivalled experience – it's immersive!


Live game scores and game stats.

Organize and track sporting events from around the world. Schedules of all games, real time score updates on games with detailed game statistics. All game lines and odds available at your fingertip. Once the game begins, Bet Tracker tracks everything right in the mobile app. Bet Tracker is native on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry - no web apps!

Stay Alert!

With just a few, simple keystrokes, you can turn your mobile device into your own personal Sports Ticker. Real time updates of games in-play... scores, injuries, penalties, player subs – anything that can change win/loss probabilities and final outcome of the game.

View advanced win/loss probability calculations in-play. Track bets live with real time game scores and statistics updated as quickly as Eurosport and ESPN, often quicker. What you see on the screen at a sports pub you will see on your phone - maybe faster!



Be More Than a Spectator

Turn all your favourite sporting events into an interactive experience. Football, Baseball, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Golf, Rugby, Cricket and more. Bet Tracker adds a new dimension to your favourite sports, by creating a game on top of a game.

Test Your Sports Knowledge. Pick the winner before the game, all result lines and score lines available. Place a straight bet or parlay, then watch as your predictions unfold with in-play results and probabilities.

Challenge Your Friends. Earn your bragging rights. You know sports better than your friends, right? Prove it by challenging them and other players on the Bet Tracker Network with sports betting pools.

Track Your Performance. As you build your bet history with Bet Tracker, analyze your performance so you can make better decisions on future wagers. Filter history results by team, sport, bet type or time frame.

Betting Pools/Leagues

Create your own sports betting pool. Pick one sport or create a parlay with multiple sports by placing simulated bets on your favourite real sports games. Bet Tracker predicts your probability of winning against all the players in your betting league in the same way it predicts each game!